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 Powev Electronic Technology Co., Limited ,established in 2012, located in Shenzhen, China, mainly engages in design, manufacturing and sales services. With the cutting edge technologies and the stringent testing standards, JIAHEJINGWEI endeavors to provide its global clientele top quality of memory modules in different densities.

 Powev Electronic Technology Co., Limited , with industry-leading R & D team and a number of fully automated high-speed SMT production lines. For the global brand to provide a full range of memory modules, SSD solid state drive, Memory ram, USB disk and other quality products and solutions at the same time, have a complete and scientific quality management system. Company and customers work closely with each other, to understand the needs of customers, with customers rapid research and development and launch products to meet the rapid updating of electronic products needs; innovation to create, excellent quality, security, and stability known for the majority of partners to provide computer peripheral accessories products, Companies in Shenzhen, Taiwan, the establishment of two processing plants, parts testing, compatibility testing, reliability testing, chip debugging experiments and other laboratories, covering over eight thousand square meters.

 Powev Electronic Technology Co., Limited , has always been adhering to the "quality, performance, innovation," the supremacy of the core concept, through the efforts of all POWEV people, and constantly enhance the core competitive edge in the industry chain for customers to continue to provide products beyond expectations and First-class service, to build a semiconductor industry OEM / ODM model. Look forward to being your loyal partner; Thank you for your support and trust.

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