Shenzhen Jiahejinwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Development history

  • 2012.8

    August 2012

    Formally established.

  • 2013.9

    September, 2013

    Broaden overseas markets and become the professional OEM factory of memory , overseas brands reached 50%.

  • 2013.12

    December ,2013

    Established Asgard laboratory for memory application product.

  • 2014.12

    December, 2014

    Approved the ISO9001 and ISO14000 audit.

    Research and develop new products: DRAM DDR4 &SSD. DDR4 memory was firstly mass produced.

    Ranks NO.2 in the domestic brand market share. 

  • 2015.7

    July, 2015

    Obtained National high-tech enterprise certification.

    Shenzhen Shuangsoft Enterprise Certification.

    Asgard's first game light memory was officially launched.

  • 2016.1

    January, 2016

    DDR4 was launched firstly through Zhongguancun Online.

    SSD all range of products are on-line and mass production.

    Won the first "Blue Dot Award" by "Super Large Capacity &High Speed Solid State Drive".


  • 2016.8

    August ,2016

    Officially set up industrial control department, with "SINKER" brand, develop military-grade and industry-level products and customers.

  • 2016.11

    November, 2016

    Officially launched the world's first 32GB memory for desktop.

  • 2017.4

    April ,2017

    Obtained MFi certification of Apple Inc.

  • 2018.5

    May ,2018 ,

    Shenzhen Semicontest Co., Ltd. is established.

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