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About Team

We are the leading semiconductor technology company in China, specializing in the storage of products

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Our team

We are a professional team

Our members have many years of computer storage expertise and have the advantage of r&d, production, procurement and sales in DRAM and FLASH fields.

We are a dedicated team

We believe that only focus can make us more professional, and over the years, we have focused on the DRAM and FLASH storage areas, hard or smooth, and never wavered.

We are a young team.

Our average age is only 26, full of vitality and innovation.

We are an executive force team.

As long as we identify a consistent goal, we will eliminate difficulties, seek common ground and achieve goals quickly.

Global support hotline: 86-0755-23708648

Contact ADD :JK,18F, 9C Building, Baoneng Science Park,Qinghu Village ,Qingu Community , Longhua Street , Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

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