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Asgard laboratory is known as dominion in global memory industry. It’s the high-end product R&D laboratory which is founded by POWEV Group with Swedish  Asgard Labs. On one hand, Asgard focus on R&D of advanced storage technology R&D, and will provide PC gamers with amazing performance and international quality storage products in future. On the other hand, it also customize the storage solutions for global famous brand. That is to say, Asgard  is an international organization ,which has not only high-end performance and international quality storage products, but also global quality standards.



Why start Asgard laboratory?

Asgard laboratory’s product derive from R&D in Taiwan that have the cutting-edge technology in manufacturing, industrial design in Swedish capital Stockholm that have profound science and technology culture, and then production and manufacturing in Shenzhen where it has developed global electronic manufacturing industry.  Asgard always show the concept to pursue quality, performance and innovation, whether from the option of internal electronic components, industrial design of the product appearance, or the manufacturing to pursuit  zero error rate. Asgard’s presence  is just like the diamond of crown in the whole semiconductor and the global manufacturers' memory industry.






Leorice雷赤游戏光条创新性的采用了高强度透光的导光材料与军工级金属材料相结合的设计,并使用了前苏联著名枪械设计师卡拉什尼科夫设计的AK-47突击步枪的元素,结合军事题材的游戏作为内存外观的主调,使得内存的主题极具个性化!Leorice雷赤游戏光条目前拥有8GB DDR4 2400MHz与16GB DDR4 2400MHz 两个版本。后期阿斯加特也将推出更多极具个性、设计精良的产品,让玩家有更多的选择和更好的体验的产品








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