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04.25 2019



11.22 2018

POWEV, adhere to the seven good, and help develop

Adhere to the seven good, help development

08.24 2018

POWEV, Guoke Weilian hand-opened the localized SSD completely independent controllable prologue

Jiahe Jinwei, Guoke Micro-Link hand-opened localized SSD completely independent controllable prosperous Jiajia Group and Guoke Microelectronics launche…

05.08 2018

To create a platform that both the master and the second brother like? Asgard reveals the performance of B360 games for you

If there are only so many "bullets" around, and you have to achieve the double standard of performance and value, what about this swollen?

04.11 2018

The first time broke the news: Asgard Azasaier unlocked the new B360 platform

Since the launch of the 8th generation Core in the second half of last year, only the Z370 motherboard has been unlocked at the same time. Although man…

04.08 2018

4000 yuan with 8 generations of Core to eat chicken computer, cost-effective plan to understand!

For the party members, the goal has always been to use the lowest budget to allocate the highest performance computer, the pursuit of the word "co…

03.29 2018

Asgard mighty: AMD Raven Ridge new platform and memory overclocking measured

As early as 2008, AMD has been insisting on the development of CPU and GPU integration. During the 780G chipset period, the HD3200 graphics card was in…

03.29 2018

The old driver is wearing a tender series! The old driver of Asgart answers the common questions of memory!

It is said that the old drivers like to install X in front of the master, but the old driver of Asgart's DIY does not think so! As long as it can s…

03.29 2018

[Guangwei Academy] Engineers help you understand the light knowledge of storage!

Whenever we talk about the word "memory", there is always a small white stupidity, some think it is "storage space", and some think…

03.29 2018

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