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Asgard mighty: AMD Raven Ridge new platform and memory overclocking measured

source:Asgard    date:2018-03-29

As early as 2008, AMD has been insisting on the development of CPU and GPU integration. During the 780G chipset period, the HD3200 graphics card was integrated into the Northbridge chip. In 2011, the DX11-compliant GPU was integrated into the CPU to become the first-generation APU. In 2012, the GPU performance was improved by 25% based on the first-generation APU.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测167.png 


Throughout the history of AMD's fusion concept, AMD has not won too many markets through the APU concept. The reason is that the first-generation APU uses Llano as the CPU main architecture, and its performance is weak, and the corresponding GPU performance does not meet the requirements of running the game. So many consumers don't buy it.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测267.png 


However, to this day, ZEN architecture performance has been recognized by consumers. AMD has regained the CPU market with the RYZEN series of processors and has regained consumer recognition. On this basis, a new APU product is built by a built-in VEGA 8 GPU.


Today, Asgard Labs got the latest Raven Ridge new platform 2200G. Next, let us take a look at the overall performance of the new platform through actual testing, and by overclocking the memory, we can How much performance has been improved with AMD Ryzen 3 2200G!


First set up the test platform according to the following configuration:


Motherboard: Biostar X370GTN

Memory: Asgard Azaxell DDR4 2400 8GB *2

SSD: Asgard Rachel X3 240GB

Radiator: Xingu Cold Front Cream Tower T2

Power: Xingu Full mode 650

Chassis: Xin Gu Fan Shi F1

Keyboard: E element X-9700

Mouse: E element Z-6600

史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测658.png 


Let us start with today's protagonist AMD Ryzen 3 2200G.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测694.png 


The AMD Ryzen 2200G has a default frequency of 3.5GHz, a dynamic acceleration frequency of 3.7GHz, and a L3 cache of 4MB. The memory supports up to DDR4-2933 specifications. Built using the GF 14nm process. 4 core 4 threads do not support Hyper-Threading Technology. Integrate a Vega 8 graphics processing chip. The TDP thermal design consumes 65W.

史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测828.png 


Because the AMD RYZEN 2200G processor uses the AM4 interface, it is compatible with the full range of AMD 300 series motherboards. In this evaluation, we chose the X370GTN motherboard from Biostar.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测905.png 


Memory In order to test the CPU GPU dual performance of the AMD RYZEN 2200G processor, Azaxell DDR4 2400 8GB RGB light memory module from Asgard was selected.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测995.png 


Since the motherboard's X370 chipset itself supports M.2, we also chose the Asgard Lexus X3 240GB SSD.


Silent test part

史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测1062.png 


Since the AMD RYZEN 2200G CPU is a completely new CPU, both CPU-Z and GPU-Z need to be updated to the latest version in order to correctly identify all parameters. As shown in the figure, the CPU-Z specification column displays "AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics". Means: Ryzen 3 2200G CPU with Vega graphics card integrated. Built on a 14nm process with 4MB L3 cache.


In the CineBench R15 rendering capability test, the 2200G CPU demonstrated considerable multi-core processing power. The multi-threaded score of 552cb has been almost equal to the i5-7500 processor. The multicore/single core ratio also reached 3.94 times. Multi-core collaboration is quite good.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测1358.png 


In the Fritz Chess Benchmark chess test, the 2200G score is 20.12 times. 21 times closer to the E3-1230 V1 processor.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测1429.png 


Support for DDR4-2933 specification memory makes the RYZEN 2200G inherently powerful in memory throughput. With dual-channel 16GB DDR4-2400 memory support, the read reaches 33792MB/s, while the write is up to 35595MB/s.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测1536.png 


Since the X370 chipset natively supports the M.2 interface and the NGFF specification SSD, the performance of the disk device can be fully activated. After accessing the Asgard Lexite X3 240GB SSD, the read and write performance reached 553MB/S and 424MB/S respectively.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测1642.png 


Through the 3DMARK test, FIRE STRIKE has a graphics score of 2676 without overclocking. Far beyond the GT730 GDDR5 version of the graphics card, this undoubtedly achieves the performance of entry-level and even game-level graphics cards.


Memory overclocking test section


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测1742.png 


Next, we first overclocked the Asgard Azarcel DDR4-2400 memory module to the DDR4-2933 specification, and the timing remained unchanged.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测1809.png 


At the same time, the memory throughput of AIDA64 has also increased significantly. Read and write increased to 39967MB/S and 45427MB/S respectively. The double increase is more than 5000MB/S.


史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测1878.png 


In the case of overclocking only the memory, 3DMARK's graphics score increased from 2676 points to 2942 points. The increase was 10%. Since the RYZEN 2200G CPU natively supports DDR4-2933, the stability of the system is also guaranteed. Users can lock the memory at this frequency for long-term use for better graphics performance.

史上最强APU,锐龙AMD 2200G内存超频实测2007.png 

In general, the AMD RYZEN 3 2200G processor is one of the most cost-effective products in recent years. The price of a single CPU less than 700 yuan, but has the same performance as the INTEL i5, coupled with its excellent overclocking performance, nearly 0 overclocking investment, 15-20% overclocking increase, making it playable And the price/performance ratio is further improved.


At the same time, this new AMD product also solves the original worry of Asgard Labs. That is, every time AMD is listed, everyone will always worry about its compatibility, but this time the whole test ran down, it was very smooth. And the results are excellent. So it can be said that Asgard Azaxel is a perfect match for the new Raven Ridge platform!

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