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4000 yuan with 8 generations of Core to eat chicken computer, cost-effective plan to understand!

source:Gloway    date:2018-03-29

For the party members, the goal has always been to use the lowest budget to allocate the highest performance computer, the pursuit of the word "cost-effective", G4560 was born in the past, with its dual-core four-thread 3.5GHz frequency The high specification and the price of more than 300 yuan quickly captured the entry-level market. At that time, many of the downtime parties started the combination of the G4560+H110, which was indeed the most cost-effective choice at that time.


Perhaps, many people think that this is the limit, but in the end of 2017, INTEL released the eighth generation of Core series CPU six months later, the entry-level i3 8100 processor is finally available. If the 8th generation I3 gets Z370 according to the matching standard, it is totally out of proportion. This is a bit too much. However, in the recent period, the big guys have cracked the H110. They can support the 8th generation I3. Is it a surprise? This time, we will bring you the latest cost-effective 




Details of this downtime configuration:

CPU: INTEL I3 8100

Memory: Guangwei DDR4 2400 8GB Happy*2

Motherboard: Yongzheng H110MVQ7

Storage: Yongzheng V430 128GB

Graphics Card: Biostar AMD RX 560D 4GB

Power: Xingu full mode 650

Cooling: Xingu Cold Front Cream Tower T2

Chassis: Xin Gu Fan Shi F1



Nowadays, most of the downtime needs are for chickens. For games with high hardware requirements for eating chickens, in order to better utilize the performance of the I3 8100 processor, we choose Guangwei DDR4 2400 8GB. Memory, 2 pieces together constitute a 16GB system memory capacity.



The surface of the memory particles is covered with a set of aluminum cooling vests. The heat of high frequency memory particles can be quickly removed. Ensure the stable operation of the memory. The acrylic light guide on the top of the vest indicates that it is an uncompromising RGB light-emitting memory.




Since the H110 does not support the 8th generation Core series processors at the time of shipment, we need a sixth or seventh generation processor to illuminate the motherboard. And the BIOS is refreshed on the motherboard through the USB flash drive. After the refresh is successful, reinstall the I3 8100 processor on the motherboard and illuminate the host.




The host that completed the installation is quite gorgeous with the lights.




The memory light is also quite dazzling.




The complete platform is ready for installation.




In terms of testing, the conventional CINEBENCH R15, i3-8100 has been tied with the previous generation I5-7500, and the performance is quite gratifying.




The chess multiplier has reached 22 times. This is also the first time i3 processing has entered the ranks of 20 times.




SUPER PI single-threaded test, INTEL still guarantees 8 million bits of computing within 2 minutes due to the architectural advantages.




In terms of memory, the dual-channel DG4 2400 8GB memory can be read up to 31633MBPS and written to 32494MBPS. Both exceed the 30,000 mark. The memory throughput is also quite amazing.




When combined with the AMD RX 560D graphics card, the platform's overall 3DMARK score is 1777, which satisfies the general smooth running of online games.



 Next, we try to run the most popular "Jesus Survival: Great Escape" game. Adjust all settings to the minimum effect in the game. The resolution is 1920*1080 for a more convenient comparison.



 Use FRAPS to record the entire process from the start to the end of the game. Get the above chart. The game's lowest frame rate is down to 26 frames, without affecting smooth operation. The average frame rate also reached 39 frames. You can even turn on special effects to improve game quality.




Finally, I still have to calculate the account with you:

CPU: INTEL I3 8100 A treasure * 609

Memory: Guangwei DDR4 2400 8GB Happy*2 Some East*1298

Motherboard: Yongzheng H110MVQ7 A treasure * 279

Storage: Yongzheng V430 128GB A treasure *225

Graphics Card: Biostar AMD RX 560D 4GB A treasure * 950

Power: Xingu full mode 650 Some East * 279

Cooling: Xingu Cold Front Cream Tower T2 Some East*50

Chassis: Xin Gu Fan Shi F1 Some East * 359


Total: 4049 Soft sister coins


Of course, except for the motherboard and other accessories other than the CPU, if you have other options, it is ok. After all, the most important thing about the downtime is the price/performance ratio, but for people like me who are slightly pursuing the value, for the face value. It is okay to sacrifice a little money. Of course, some people will ask why the power supply uses such high power. This is obviously for the future upgrade. There is an i3 8100 U, and other B360, graphics card and other price cuts, this power can be fully utilized.


Overall experience, such a configuration of the host does meet the needs of the party members, after all, the entire configuration adds up to 4,000, the focus is that the motherboard and CPU add up to less than 900, not only the performance can be comparable to i5- 7500, it is cheaper than buying i5-7500 alone, and even if you run chicken, you can reach an average of 39 frames, which is indeed a gospel for the performance-seeking party!


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