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The first time broke the news: Asgard Azasaier unlocked the new B360 platform

source:Asgard    date:2018-04-08

Since the launch of the 8th generation Core in the second half of last year, only the Z370 motherboard has been unlocked at the same time. Although many gods have racked their brains on the 100/200 chipset and want to get support for the eight-generation Core, it is not cracked until now. So rest assured, the B360's listing is a bit "a long-awaited". Fortunately, this waited for half a year, on the afternoon of April 3, I just clicked F5 on the B360 search page of Jingdong, and the miracle appeared! It’s finally on sale! Engineers at the Asgard lab first got the B360 platform product and conducted in-depth testing. Let's take a look at the performance of the top Azaxel products in the Asgard memory on the B360 platform:


Many people may still have the impression that Azaxell used to have a high frequency of nearly 4500Mhz with air cooling. Recently, this product has been upgraded and added RGB lighting effect.B360平台测试(阿斯加特)347.jpg

This new platform test chose Asgard's Azaxell DDR4 2400 8GB x 2 dual-channel strip. The memory uses 10 layers of PCB, magnesium alloy vest, heat dissipation, acrylic top mask, GRB light effect, good light transmission performance.


[Test platform introduction]


In this test, the biggest new face is the B360 series motherboard for the mainstream user group. Its overall price is much more affordable than the Z370. The specifications are not much different except that it does not support overclocking. This time we used Gigabyte's latest B360M D3X and Intel's i7-8700 processor to build a test platform to analyze the performance of the B250+i7-7700 replacement.


Gigabyte B360 motherboards are compatible with higher frequency memory, while adding OptiMem memory optimization design, which can effectively enhance memory compatibility. And the easy-to-plug fasteners are updated on the M.2 slot for easy M.2 installation. At the same time, the new generation of B360 motherboards adds audio link lighting, which makes the B360 look more eye-catching than the B250. In terms of interfaces, the B360 motherboard has added a native USB 3.1 interface, which can further improve the operating efficiency of the platform with high-speed storage devices. B360 motherboard can support up to 2666MHz frequency DDR4 specification content, Gigabyte's motherboard is no exception, users can open XMP mode in the BIOS interface, one button to adjust the high frequency memory to the maximum frequency, further improve the overall performance of the platform. The motherboard provides players with two dual-channel memory slots, which facilitates subsequent expansion of the memory portion.


This test also uses M.2, which is also from Asgard's NVMeSSD. Its working principle is to directly connect the CPU through PCI-E channel, streamline the cycle of AHCI read and write registers, and greatly reduce storage. Delays increase the efficiency of data loading and thus surpass SATASSD in performance. Since the 100 series/200 series, the motherboard has already adopted the PCI-EM.2 slot as standard, and the price is approaching SATASSD. The NVMe SSD has already flown into the homes of ordinary people. The protagonist of the SSD in today's evaluation is the new M.2 256GB from the Asgard AN series. The current price is only ¥499!


Now that this platform is set up, let's take a look at the effect after lighting:


I have to admit that even the bare platform is difficult to cover the colorful wind of RGB, with RGB fans, complement each other.


[test scores]



First turn on the CPU-Z, which is the most used software for detecting CPU usage. It supports a very comprehensive range of CPUs. The new version of the CPU-Z also adds testing capabilities, but the different versions of the CPU-Z test scores will be different, so use it to compare the results you need to pay attention to the version is the same, this test version is the latest 1.84 64-bit . In the CPU-Z, the 8700 is separated from the 7700K by 50 points with a high frequency of 4.6GHz. After all, there are two physical cores.


In chess, the 4.6GHz 8700 scores more than the previous generation of 7700K, whether it is single-threaded or multi-threaded, especially the hyper-threading aspect is very obvious, even the 8-core 16-threaded Ruilong R7 1800X in multi-threaded results Not as good as the 6-core 8700 (4.6GHz), but the same as the 6-core 12-threaded i7-7800X and R5-1600X.


Then we test the read and write speed of the platform memory. For testing software, AIDA64Memory & Cache Benchmark is used. We will record the results of memory reading, writing and copying separately, and then score the main board through the overall performance of these three results. Due to the special grades of this test item, the score of each item will affect the final test score. Test results show that the memory read and write bandwidth not only reached 33,000MB / s, but the copy bandwidth actually reached 33028MB / s, which shows that Asgard (Agarcel) Azaxell memory bandwidth optimization is impressive.B360平台测试(阿斯加特)1797.jpg 

In the theoretical performance test of the CPU, the i7 8700 processor has quite strong performance. The multicore total score of CINEBENCH R15 is 1395cb, which is only 100 points away from the Ryzen 1800x processor with 8 cores and 16 threads. And the single-core performance reaches 202cb, and the MP Ratio (multiple/single core ratio) reaches 6.92 times, which exceeds the number of cores. It seems that HT technology can definitely bring some improvement to performance.

【to sum up】

Finally, regarding the testing of the new B360 platform, Asgard Labs really summed up: How to choose B360 to match the platform? The players with a slightly more budget, that is, the processor of thousands of dollars and the motherboard with thousands of yuan, can try to achieve the performance of the new i5 platform comparable to the previous generation i7, such as the i5-8500 just listed, and performance enthusiasts You can enjoy the thrill of the previous X99 platform with a lower budget. In this test, the performance of the top i7-8700 is very eye-catching. The desktop-level six-core twelve-threads can be matched with the high-frequency. Comparable to the high-end products of the previous X99 platform. But no matter which CPU is chosen, Asgard's memory is an ideal match for the B360 platform, as measured by the Asgard lab.


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