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To create a platform that both the master and the second brother like? Asgard reveals the performance of B360 games for you

source:Asgard    date:2018-04-11

If there are only so many "bullets" around, and you have to achieve the double standard of performance and value, what about this swollen? The release of Intel's eight-generation Core series processor has made many gamers' DIY enthusiasm more flamboyant. This time, the eight-generation Core i5-8400 is used. This CPU is the flagship of Intel's first eight generations of i7 series. What kind of configuration can complement it and give the best of each other? If you use Z370, it is not very good. The value is enough but the cost is too great. How about trying B360?




A full set of configuration overview:

CPU: Intel i5-8400

Memory: Asgard Azazel DDR4 2400 8GB × 2 RGB LED Strip Light Set

Motherboard: GIGA B360M D3X

Graphics card: MSI GTX1060 DUKE 6GB

SSD: Asgard AN M.2 NVMe 256GB

Power: Segotep Kunlun KL-1080W power supply rated 1080W 80plus white gold

Chassis: Segotep F1 Deluxe Edition Black Case

Cooling: JONSBO CR-701 colorful streamer radiator replaced with Thermaltake Engine27 radiator

Display: TITAN ARMY C24S-PLUS 1800R surface esports game 144HZ display


[Test platform details]



The memory adopts the new Azaxell DDR4 2400 8GB×2 dual-channel strip. The new Azaxell is exactly the same as the first-generation product, but it has improved in all aspects, especially the lighting effect. change dramatically. The previous Azarcel series did not have RGB light strips, and the new Azaxell is equipped with a new RGB lighting effect.




The overclocking record of the domestic memory stick is created by this memory stick, 4555MHz. It is said that the Azaxell 2400 8G memory module needs to be over water cooled, and the memory frequency can be overclocked to 3866MHz. For players who know the memory stick, Asgart's memory quality and performance is unquestionable.



The SSD uses the Asgart AN series M.2, and the front is made of metal heat sink design, which looks very cool and enhances the overall value of the product. At the same time, the heat dissipation is accelerated by the metal heat sink, thereby effectively slowing down the temperature of the main control and the flash memory chip, and preventing the main control from entering the deceleration mode due to overheating.




The back of the Asgart AN series M.2 is a white PCB board with a label attached to it, with detailed information on the SSD, serial name, production model, capacity, origin, protocol support, and various agency certifications. M.2 interface, taking PCI-E3.0x4, the speed can reach 32Gbps, close to 4GB/s bandwidth, 5 times faster than SATA.




Xingu Kunlun Power Supply, its overall black appearance is complemented by the abstract Kunlun Mountain silhouette, which is consistent with the power supply style. The side is marked with the product model and 80 PLUS Platinum certification. The simple design of black and white is also very atmospheric. The power supply is designed with an independent switch at the input end, which is convenient for the user to turn off the power when not in use, without plugging and unplugging the power cord.




Using the full module design that high-end players love, it can be seen from the above figure that the output interface of the power supply is quite sufficient. Even if the power supply is not enough for the player to use, the player can customize it according to his actual situation. It is worth noting that the power supply is equipped with two 4+4Pin CPU power supply interfaces, and the output of the power supply is strong.




The motherboard uses Gigabyte's latest B360M D3X, which uses metal-gray color matching. It uses the current mainstream audio zone belief lamp, with 6-phase main power supply, 24-pin ATX, and 8-pin ATX power supply. Two DDR4 DIMM memory slots with a maximum capacity of 32GB. The storage has six SATA 6Gbps, one M.2 32Gbps, two PCI-E 3.0 x16 and two PCI-E x1 expansion slots, and the overall structure is enhanced.




The graphics card uses GTX 1060 6G DUKE, the color is black with matte attributes, the video port is configured with 3 DP1.4, 1 HDMI2.0 plus DVI-D dual channel. Note that this DVI can support up to 120Hz display, but not VGA.


The chassis chose Xingu Fanshi F1 chassis, this product has a lot of fresh elements, and is also a good chassis product listed after 2018. Fanshi F1 chassis can be said to be the ultimate simplicity, the entire roof and front panel without the slightest fancy elements, are composed of one piece of steel. The steel plate feels very good to the touch, and it must have been dyed with better quality.


After all the installations are completed, connect the corresponding interfaces to the large 4D power supply interface at the rear of the chassis, and then install the side panels with a simple wire fixing process. Here we can see the wires and interfaces of the chassis fan and RGB light bar and its "thickness". If the side plate installation method is adopted by the rail type, it is very difficult to install. The Fanshi F1 chassis only needs to first snap the front end of the side panel to the corresponding position, and press the back end.







With such a light effect, all the lighting effects are visible in the full-size tempered glass side-through panel of the chassis. Four light-emitting 12-120mm RGB light fans complement each other, and the Asgart Azazel RGB light strips are colorful. The GTX1060 DUKE's belief lamp is the finishing touch.




Such a beautiful light pollution effect, even if it is a machine is also a pleasure.






[game test part]





Nowadays, the chickens that are very popular in eating chickens, such as "big luck, eating chicken at night", are all known to the primary school students. However, the optimization of eating chicken has been criticized for a long time. The requirements for the processor are not high, but the requirements for the graphics card are really high. The official recommendation for the GTX1050Ti or higher graphics card is also a new wave of this game. Change the tide.





Because the game's mode is very novel, the map rendering is also very real, the details of firearms, vegetation and other are very rich, if you want to "eat chicken", a high-profile computer is indispensable. GTX1060 DUKE runs smoothly throughout the whole process. In the complex environment, there is no obvious frame dropping phenomenon during the battle. The high-quality picture that has been kept above 60Fps has been playing "eat chicken" in high-quality picture quality.




With the performance of the platform in the game, the game has been played in the high quality of 1080P. In the details rendering, grass and other special effects, all games can be kept above 50 frames, no obvious dropped frames. . The CPU and the graphics card also have no pressure at all, and the fan has been actively adjusting the speed. Basically, no noise is heard, and the platform is running very stable. This result is very satisfactory.


With the Intel i5-8400 as the core + B360M D3X motherboard + Asgard (Agarcel) Azasaier's performance is outstanding, it is worthy of the new generation of the main cost-effective mainstream game platform. The overall platform is simple and handsome, the full-size tempered glass has a large side effect, and it is equipped with a full-effect RGB lighting effect that is very eye-catching. The whole machine's face value bursts the hardware into one, the value and ability coexist, the master and the second Brother, are you satisfied?

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