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POWEV, Guoke Weilian hand-opened the localized SSD completely independent controllable prologue

source:Powev    date:2018-05-08

Jiahe Jinwei Group and Guoke Microelectronics launched the first domestically produced SSD with the highest degree of localization. The Guangwei “Yi” series SSD is equipped with the main control of Guokewei and the purple storage 3D NAND granules. As scheduled.

Guangwei “Yi” series SSDs are completed by Chinese companies from the main control chip, product brand to manufacturing. From product naming to style positioning to packaging design are also Chinese elements. Storage products are highly localized, and their significance and impact are very significant.

Guokewei is a key integrated circuit design enterprise within the national planning layout and the first integrated circuit design enterprise to receive capital injection from the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund. It is also one of the largest integrated circuit design companies in Central and South China. In the second half of 2017, Guoke Micro released the GK2301, the second-generation storage product with independent intellectual property rights, and quickly entered the product application stage. The GK2301 main control is the first in China to receive the national test and the national secret double certification.

Jiahe Jinwei is a domestic high-end memory chip testing company with a memory module factory and a memory product laboratory. In 2017, it independently developed FLASH and DRAM chip test systems. This year, the “Automatic Test Solution for Storage Finished Products” was launched again, which completely solved the two biggest problems in the automated production of the storage industry.

In 2018, it realized the intelligent upgrade of China's storage product manufacturing.

Guangwei “Yi” series SSD works very well. It adopts GK2301 and Ziguang storage 3D NAND granules of Guoke Micro, which is built by Jiahe Jinwei Group Shenzhen Factory. Among them, the main chip has passed the national test and the national secret certification, which is better for the product to control and escort.

Guokewei and Jiahe Jinwei chose Guangwei, which is because Guangwei brand has a good reputation and influence in China. It also hopes to help China's storage brand to land and promote the rise of domestic SSD brand. The gradual growth of the domestic SSD brand will bring more benefits to domestic consumers in the future.

Guangwei-Yi series SSD, jointly produced by Jiahe Jinwei and Guokewei, has given high support both in technology and in the market. Only such cooperation can make China's manufacturing roads wider and wider.

Guangwei-Yi series SSD performance test, the comparison in the same kind of products is good, the products put into the market by mass production are basically above this performance, which is the first time the game series is divided into parameter exposure.

    In the past, expensive foreign brands SSD occupied the domestic market. Because the main control and FLASH are from abroad, domestic SSD can not form autonomous control, and there is no pricing power and competitiveness. Therefore, domestic related enterprises and consumers urgently hope that the arrival of high-maintenance master control, chips and SSD products, domestic storage is the heavy weapon of the country.

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