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POWEV, adhere to the seven good, and help develop

source:    date:2018-08-24

On August 19th, Jiahe Jinwei and China Youth Development Foundation signed the construction project of “Jiahe Jinwei Hope Primary School”.

This move reflects the spirit of Jiahe Jinwei Company's courage to undertake social responsibility, and the benevolent and loving business culture.

In the process of persisting in development, Jiahe Jinwei always adheres to the core business philosophy of “Quality First, Performance Reality, Pioneering and Innovative”, and gradually forms a “coaching people with career, attracting people with innovation, stabilizing people with mechanism, and loving people. The excellent corporate culture of uniting people.

Laozi said seven good things in the Tao Te Ching: living, good land (in an environment favorable to oneself); heart, goodness (virtuality, humility, and humility); and, goodness (benevolent love, pushing others); words, good faith (in Treat people with sincerity, seek truth from facts, speak words, don't talk about scorpions.) Politics, good governance (work, be good at solving problems, not making troubles); things, good deeds (doing things to the best, starting and ending, doing what you like, also Be good at doing things yourself; move, be good (change, know the timing, know how to advance and retreat). Laozi said that insisting on good will be like water, good for all things, and no disadvantage. Adhering to good is not only convenient for people, but also convenient for others. Adhering to goodness can be beneficial to others and the world, and it will also make itself develop smoothly and full of gains.

Jiahe Jinwei's business philosophy, corporate culture and Laozi's "Tao Jing" have many similarities. Jiahe Jinwei sponsors the “Hope Project” to help improve the learning environment for young people in China and to help the dreams and development of domestic youth. It is also helping to develop their dreams and development.

Seven good is the embodiment of morality. We personally adhere to the seven goodness to establish a correct moral outlook and values. Our company adheres to the seven good, in order to establish the correct core values and excellent corporate culture, in order to promote the continuous development of enterprises.

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