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Without a few dollars, you can satisfy the feelings - APU platform "StarCraft" installed show!

source:    date:2018-09-17

Apple's latest mobile phone released a few days ago, after seeing the price, everyone exclaimed, the kidneys are not enough. There are feelings, and at an expensive price, it is really powerless. If you want to use an Apple mobile phone in the future, you can only start with the elimination of the money.


Speaking of the word love, there is a matching IP recently. That is "StarCraft." This is a popular version of a dozen or even twenty years ago. At the end of last month, it was replaced by a reset version incorporated into the Blizzard national service. Since it is a popular item in the last century, there are still many people concerned about it first. Secondly, it must be contrary to Apple, that is, the configuration requirements are not high.


The remastered version of the original and the expansion piece "StarCraft: Battle of the Brood", including character modeling, high-definition reproduction of architecture and environment, comprehensive Chinese, up to 4K resolution, and a new ladder and modernization Matching mechanism. And with the reset version on the line, the original version also ran into Blizzard's national service, players can get the classic version of StarCraft's original game experience for free.

What kind of configuration is needed to revisit this feeling? As we all know, the current price of Intel's CPU has skyrocketed, causing channels to be retweeted by AMD. So, what are the cost-effective options for the AMD platform? Let's try it out boldly, try it with APU, and experience it smoothly.

Next, we set up a set of StarCraft special warships for the purpose of cost performance.


CPU: AMD A8-9600

Motherboard: Biostar A320MH

Memory: Asgart L1 DDR4 2400MHz 4GB*2

SSD: Biostar S150-120GB

Cooling: Xingu Cold Wind Cream Tower T2

Power: Xingu Full mode 650

Chassis: Xin Gu Fan Shi F1

Display: Titan Corps C32SK PRO


The A8-9600 has two physical cores of two excavator modules, 2MB L2 cache, basic frequency 3.1GHz, Boost frequency 3.4GHz, integrated Radeon R7 core display, 6 sets of CPU units, maximum frequency 900MHz, TDP 65W.


The motherboard is built with the A320 chipset and supports AMD CPUs with Socket AM4 interface.


The memory is based on the Asgart LOKI T1 DDR4 2400Mhz 4GB strip, which is covered with a red metal vest for protection and heat dissipation.


The capacity part, two 4GB can form a total of 8GB system memory capacity, can meet most of the daily use needs, and can be combined with Biostar A320MH to open dual channel mode, further improve memory performance.


After the whole machine is assembled, the value is still enough.


Open the game, I was worried that the APU solution is not high-end, do not appear flashback in the game, or can not open the game screen in full screen, now this worry does not exist, let people relieved. Below, let's see how this game performs on this platform:


After we opened the original version of StarCraft, the pavement came with a strong sense of time, and there is no official Chinese, so we want a happy game, we need a little English foundation.


We played the game in single player mode, and chose the human story chapter, in addition to the pixel effect of the picture is very obvious, and the game screen ratio is also a long-lost 4:3.


Of course, running a game with 20 years of age in the current configuration is naturally no suspense. Even if there are a large number of characters in the picture, the number of frames in the building has been maintained at more than 100 frames.


Next, we choose StarCraft II as the test object. If you enter the game with high picture quality, there will be some stuck, so we need to adjust the picture quality to medium.


After entering the game, you can see that compared to StarCraft 1, the picture of 2 has been greatly improved, the modeling of the characters is more beautiful, the picture details and the light and shadow effects are very good.




After testing, this APU platform solution is more than enough to play "StarCraft". And what about the price? A8 9600 is currently 95% new CPU on the east, as long as the price of 3XX. Two 4G DDR4 Asgartho memory, no more than 500 yuan. In contrast, this affordable combination price, no need to sell your kidneys, is enough to remember the feelings.


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