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[Asgart Lab] What is the secret of RGB? It’s more fun to dig deeper!

source:    date:2018-09-25

In recent years, the three letters of RGB are very hot, and the word is mentioned in many DIY accessories. For example, say, mouse and keyboard, light bar, fan, motherboard, monitor - and memory. Such a set of configured hosts is really beautiful:


When it comes to RGB, sometimes you can also hear another name for peripheral colors: colorful.


For example, like this keyboard, it is colorful light. What is the difference between it and RGB? That's colorful. A single lamp can only have one color. If you want your keyboard to have different lights like other RGB keyboards, you have to manually replace the lights in different colors.


The biggest feature of RGB is that each lamp bead can be turned into a different color.

If you say, the keyboard can change the color of the lamp by hand, to change the color, but the memory bead is embedded in the PCB version, so how to adjust the color? Recently, Asgart has completely upgraded the flash mode of Lohhot's memory and turned it into RGB light. It is enough to let you manually change an RGB.


Let's teach you how to proceed.

First of all, you need to have an ASUS motherboard. If you are using RGB control, you can only support ASUS's Shenguang Synchronous AURA software.


After opening the UARA software, you will see that two devices are recognized inside, which can support the synchronization control of Shenguang. One is the motherboard, and the other is the memory. Then adjust to memory.

Then in the color, the past is to choose the default, this time to choose to follow the area. Then you will find that you can see a long, long, long, drop-down list:


Why is it so long? This is the key to RGB. Each color of the lamp has a corresponding option to adjust.

As shown in the figure, we have inserted four memory modules on the motherboard this time. There are five beads in each memory, so in the end there are a total of 20 lights that can be customized.


Then, there is another problem here, what is the order of memory? We ideally think that it will start from the outermost DIMM slot as the first slot to correspond to DIRAM1 in the drop-down list, but this is not the case. Instead, from the left, the second DIMM is DIRAM1, which is 2, 3 to the right, and the leftmost one is DIRAM4.


Ok, now everyone can adjust their RGB strips according to their own aesthetics.

To be honest, it is much easier to adjust the memory in this way than to change the lamppost for the keyboard!


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