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Asgart AN3 Series NVMe m.2 SSD: Sapphire in NVMe

source:    date:2018-10-11

Generally speaking, we are talking about a top-level product, which will be described as a diamond on the crown, but in fact, this thing is guaranteed to grow like a diamond to a hundred thousand miles. However, this association is very interesting to give Asgart engineers a good association. When everyone is trying to make IT products as scientific and futuristic, the engineers of Asgart have a The magical idea: Why not join the jewels cross-border?

First attempt:

To cross the border, you must first put together to see if there is a flash of collision. But the ending is not very good. Therefore, this kind of hard-fed crossover is not appropriate.


The second attempt:

This time, the Asgart engineers took inspiration from Neptune's Lonely Blue, and then delved into the mysterious, cold colors of Tanzanite, and launched the NVME m.2 SSD with a sapphire-colored metal casing:



Tanzanite was discovered in Tanzania in Africa in 1967. It is produced at the foot of Kilimanjaro, a world-famous tourist spot near the northern city of Arusha. This is the only place of origin in the world. In 1969, New York-based Tiffany named the jewel, Tanzanite, in the name of the country of origin, and quickly pushed it to the international jewelry market. Tanzan Blue looks clear and warm, and some people compare the light-colored tanzan blue to the eyes of the famous movie star Taylor. However, to make it the most famous, it is the sea heart that Lewinsky wears in Titanic.


Just looking at the appearance is certainly not enough to show that this NVMe m.2 SSD is the sapphire in the SSD crown. Let's officially take off the beautiful shell and see if it is so good inside. After removing the heat sink, we see this. Details of the NVMe M.2 SSD Bar:


The main control is Huirong SM2263XT, which was released at the COMPUTEX exhibition in 2016 and is positioned as a mid- to high-end consumer/enterprise. Support NVMe 1.3, speed up to 667MT / s, read and write up to 2200MB / S, 1500MB / s, random 4K up to 250K / 220K IOPS, designed for M.2 and PCIE SSD.


The granules are made from Asgart's own selection of granules. This test is a large capacity of 1T.


For the test platform, we used the AMD AM4 2600X+B450 chipset motherboard. The test results are as follows:



Judging from the above comprehensive results, it has exceeded the performance of Huirong SM2263XT official announcement. Therefore, it can also be judged that the particles of the NVMe of Asgart are also selected high-quality particles.

Finally, let's take a look back at the phantom of this sapphire-colored NVMe M.2 SSD:


The biggest advantage of this non-covered heat sink is that it can significantly reduce the height of the entire NVMe m.2 SSD, so it can be smoothly put into the ultra-thin book, or put into the hard disk box. .


Finally, let me say: The heart of the ocean can't really afford it, but the NVMe m.2 SSD that wants to have sapphire is still very easy.

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