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Is the memory a single root? Double root? Still four? Assassin's Creed game loading speed measured

source:    date:2018-10-24

During our October holiday, the STEAM platform has a new masterpiece, Assassin's Creed and Odyssey.


This story line is followed by the origin, through a column of Onidas spear back to the history of the battle between Sparta and Greece, so the style of painting is full of ancient Greek style, different from "Tomb Raider", " The dark background of Monster Hunter is not like the monotonous green color of "Eating Chicken". The bright colors of the sun make people happy when they look at it:


To play this game smoothly, let's take a look at its host configuration:


Configuration overview:

CPU: Intel I5 8400

Motherboard: Biostar B360GT5S

Hard drive: Asgart AN NVME 512GB

Memory: Asgart LOKI DDR4 2400MHz 8GB*4

Graphics Card: Sauter GTX 1080 Player Power Supreme

Cooling: Xingu Ice Cream 240

Power: Xingu Kunlun 650

Chassis: Xin Gu Fan Shi F1

Display: Titan Corps C32SK PRO

The CPU uses the i5 8400, the graphics card uses the flagship GTX1080, but the most local, or this memory, using 4 8G DDR4 Luoji.

Asgart's Loh Xing DDR4 2400MHz, full body covered with white metal vest, also has RGB lamp beads on the top, and can support ASUS Shenguang synchronization.


Asgart DDR4 2400 8G light bar memory, there are two colors in black and white, and has just been upgraded to RGB lighting effect, so not only stable performance, but also very good value, let's take a look at the beauty after it is on the machine. color:




A single 8GB, 4 to form a 32GB memory capacity, with dual channels can further enhance the platform performance. In the case that everyone is still 8G memory, eating chicken also requires only 16G to not card, 32G will be too extravagant? Let's test it out, where the performance of 32G is excellent.


First, let's try the performance of 8G single-root memory game:


Second, let's try the game performance of the 8GX2 dual channel after opening:


Finally, let's try the performance of the game after the dual channel of 8GX4:





It can be seen that with the increasing number of memories and the opening of dual channels, the game's FPS is significantly improved, especially from 8G to 32G, the PFS has increased by 27%. At the same time, another big change is the CPU usage, which is also increased from 8G to 32G. The CPU usage has dropped from 51% to 31%, and the drop rate has reached 40%!

What does this mean? The quality of the picture is not only the responsibility of the graphics card, but also the memory! The fluency of the game is not only the responsibility of the graphics card and the CPU, but the memory contribution is very big!

Therefore, like this kind of game with relatively high hardware requirements, it seems that it is really 16G to start, 32G for three years!


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