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[Asgart Lab] Whether the memory is inserted into the slot, the impact on the game is super!

source:    date:2018-10-26

The most popular game recently is Tomb Raider, because the ray tracing technology that NV once launched when the 2 series was released was finally officially applied, and this game is the experience that NV once had on the homepage.


Because the game has been on the market for two months, so all kinds of comprehensive tests have been overwhelming, and players have some drawbacks to the game, such as dropped frames, suddenly stuck, it is already very clear, so today Let's change the angle to do a very interesting, but very practical test. If the memory is not inserted correctly, the impact on the game is not big?

First take a look at the test platform:


configuration list:

CPU: Intel Core I3 8350K

Motherboard: Biostar B360 GT5S

Memory: Asgart LOKI DDR4 2400MHz 8GB*2

SSD: Asgart AN Series NVME 1TB

Graphics Card: Sauter GeForce GTX1080-8GD5X Player Power Extreme Light

Cooling: Xingu Ice Cream 240

Power: Xingu Full mode 650

Display: Titan Corps C32SQ PLUS

Chassis: Xin Gu Fan Shi F1

First on the platform, we used 2 Asgart plugs on the 2, 4 of the motherboard DIMM slot:


Then, use the game test that comes with Tomb Raider to see the test results:


Then, we plug the memory into the 3, 4 of the motherboard DIMM slot:


Then, use the game test that comes with Tomb Raider to see the test results:


In order to let everyone see the comparison results more clearly, we have made the following comparison table:


In other words, the same configuration, the same memory, just unintentional plug, playing the same large game, you can experience a value increase of nearly 20%? What is the rhythm of this?

I believe that people who know "you know" in DIY have already seen the cause of this value, and in their hands, inserting memory never rolls the dice. Because, inserting 1, 3 and 2, 4 slots, is the default memory to open the dual channel rhythm. In other words: as long as the memory is open for dual channels, performance must be directly improved compared to non-dual channels.


Finally, in this test, we also conducted a series of questions about the two-channel hottest issues, which are listed here to help you:

Top question one: How to open dual channel? Need to be specifically set to open in the BIOS or some software? How to check if my memory is already dual channel?


A: The dual channel setting does not require special settings in the BIOS or some software. As long as the slot of the motherboard is plugged in, it will automatically open. If you want to view it, you can use the next CPUZ software to see if it is dual channel on the page of the memory.


Top Question 2: Must I plug in 1, 3 or 2, 4 channels to open dual channels?

A: Most motherboards are like this, but there are also very few motherboards. Other hybrid plug-in modes are also available. Therefore, if you plug in 1\3, 2\4 but it does not open, you can try other interpolation. After plugging in, open CPUZ to confirm whether dual channel is enabled.

Top question 3: Different brands, different frequency memory, can open dual channel?

There are so many different opinions on this issue. There is really no fixed number. More than once, Asgart Labs used different brands and different frequencies of memory to successfully open dual channels. Just after the frequency is turned on, it is based on the low-frequency memory, and in the performance test, the dual channel of the memory with different frequencies is not as high as the performance of the 

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