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  • ·  Tmall / Taobao promotion operation

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for designing product keywords, having a good writing background, responsible for the baby description of the product, able to grasp the time of the through train, and do a good job in ranking, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
    2. Statistics, analysis and promotion of data and effects, and continuous optimization.
    3. Regularly track and evaluate the promotion effect, promptly propose marketing improvement measures, and give practical and feasible improvement plans.
    4. Familiar with Taobao through-train, diamond booth, Taobao, Taobao and other Taobao propaganda tools to provide decision-making for sales performance.
    5. Research the competitor's brand, price, and activities, and propose countermeasures;
    6, data marketing, improve customer return rate and loyalty;
    7. The daily operation of the store is maintained and managed.
    1. College degree or above, more than 2 years of experience in Taobao operation promotion or store manager;
    2. Familiar with all aspects of the Internet and e-commerce, familiar with the Tmall rules
    3, proficient in the use of various types of Taobao promotion tools: including through trains, diamond booths, Taobao customers.
    4, familiar with the implementation of various types of promotion activities: including poly cost-effective, Tao trial, Taojiang Lake, Ali mother and so on.
    5. Make professional data analysis and collect data of competitor websites for IP, PV, sales, bounce rate, geographical distribution and conversion rate of online shop stores.
    6, proficient in the operation and profit model of Jingdong or Tmall stores, can use the platform for effective promotion and publicity; familiar with Jingdong, Tmall regulations and operational procedures, and actual sales operations management experience. The reason is that the company generally does not approve the transfer of the workplace.

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